How it all began...

I had been bald for over 2 years. The culprit, Alopecia Universalis, an autoimmune condition that paralyzes the hair follicles on the entire body leaving its victim hairless. Frustrated with failed medical treatments, and overwhelming sadness because of my condition, I wiped my tears and decided to reclaim my dignity. I decided to eliminate meat and dairy from my diet and fight back with plant-based foods.

Three months into this radical diet change, I had sparse eyebrows and my eyelashes had fully grown back! Not only was my immune system strengthening, I also had a brand new venture: The Good Cookie, LLC. Yes, you read that right. In a short three-month span of adopting a new diet, I had a vegan chocolate chip cookie business. Let me tell you about this crazy journey.

While eating salads and lots of fruit and veggies was great, I longed for a delicious sweet treat. Vegan desserts were not easy to come by, and the ones I found were not very tasty. I ventured to make my own vegan chocolate chip cookie. The first batch was ok. After making a few tweaks, I found just the right formula of organic plant-based ingredients and created a soft, chocolatey, divine cookie. Sweet tooth satisfied! I thought that would be the end of the story…

…BUT some of my close friends invited my husband and I to a couples game night. I brought the vegan cookies so that I would have something to eat, and to share, of course. My friends went wild for the cookies. None of them were plant-based eaters, so I thought, maybe I’m on to something.

Over the next couple of months, I took cookies to church and family gatherings, and the response was overwhelming. All of these dairy-eating folks loved my vegan cookies!  Encouraged and validated, I started an LLC., opened a business account, had a logo made, and The Good Cookie was born.

I sold my first two dozen cookies to neighbors during the January 2018 Ice Storm in Houston, TX. Somehow being cooped up in the house too long gives people cravings. The Good Cookie has been satisfying cravings ever since.

Good Cookies are made with antioxidant-rich vegan chocolate chips, organic soy milk, vegan butter, pure vanilla extract, unbleached all-purpose flour, and simple ingredients like salt and sugar. Most importantly, Good Cookies are made with joy.

I could have never imagined such a SWEET outcome to such a sour situation. I am humbled and thankful to bake for you.

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Brittani Davis, CEO

The Good Cookie

Isaiah 61:1-3

 P.S. The cookies are so GOOD, I nabbed one before the photo could be taken.